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Who We Are

Roadside Assistance Protection & Automotive Warranties

Image Title: Roadside Assistance Protection & Automotive Warranties

Since 1979 we have been a leading provider of roadside assistance and automotive extended warranty coverage. Partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry, our mission is to bring consumers high quality automotive services that save both time and money while providing unmatched customer service.

Our award winning call center handles over 4 million roadside assistance calls annually. This provides our members with the assurance that all of their calls will be handled efficiently and professionally.

Award winning customer service, it's one of the things you can count on when you choosing by Auto Advantage Inc. as your roadside assistance provider.

We also offer the highest rated auto warranty products in the industry at the lowest pricing available.  Our reputation, pricing, and quality clearly separate us from the field.  

More than merely roadside assistance, our members are provided with many additional travel benefits

Our members benefit from our award winning call center, our expert agents, and our premier roadside assisstance partners. 

Take a step now to prepare for your next roadtrip. Peace of mind when you travel is priceless.

"... we are one of the few companies that can process roadside assistance calls in all of the U.S., Canada and Mexico."