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Imagine a condition, when your car breakdowns due to any mechanical failure, thereby leaving you to stand bewildered in a place where no one is beside you to assist in this unavoidable situation.

At this point of time, the need of roadside benefit coverage arises. The roadside assistance provides the car owner with timely assistance and also helps him to save from heavy expenses or any other hassles arising out of a car breakdown; whether it is turning out of fuel, a tire blowing or any other mishappening.

Many have the notion that there is no use of spending an extra fee for the roadside assistance service. They are of the view that they themselves can handle any situation of car breakdown, whether it is a tire changing or handling with the heating of the engines. But this approach is absolutely wrong. This is because there are many other numerous reasons of a car failure, which cannot be handled by us, alone; that can be a blown tire, an engine problem or any other serious condition. Moreover, such situation can also arise when you are in an unknown town or in the middle of a night where you will look around and will find nobody to assist you. At such point of time, a quick call to the roadside assistance provider or an on-site help is a source of taking a breath of relief. Not only will you get the timely and quick help, but also the insurance company bears the expenses, partly or even wholly.

That is why; it is always advisable that one should also purchase the coverage of roadside assistance with the purchase of a vehicle.

Our company offers a wide range of roadside car benefits, including the following:

  • Roadside Assistance is available at 24-hours and seven-days-a-week.
  • It is just a phone call away from you.
  • It offers towing services of your vehicle anywhere within the given radius set by the policy.
  • Our team of professional mechanics can easily help you with a spare tire in need of flat tire.
  • In case your battery has failed, we offer battery jump-start aid.
  • If your vehicle has suddenly turned out of fuel or engine has heated up, we can provide you emergency delivery of fuel and water at the spot.
  • In case of keys lost, stolen or accidentally locked inside your vehicle, we have solutions to this problem of yours.

"... we are one of the few companies that can process roadside assistance calls in all of the U.S., Canada and Mexico."

More than merely roadside assistance, our members are provided with many additional travel benefits

Take a step now to prepare for your next roadtrip. Peace of mind when you travel is priceless.

Our members benefit from our award winning call center, our expert agents, and our premier roadside assisstance partners.